Homestead for Weddings



If you are planning your weddings you need to check out Sartakampis homestead. Sartakampis is perfect homestead to organize small – middle size weddings.

Spacious homestead area is ready for your most memorable celebration. There you will find:

  • Ball room for up to 60 persons;
  • Bedrooms located in 3 houses;
  • Sleeping beds for 45 persons;
  • Outdoor summerhouses and possibility to install additional outdoor wedding tents.

After official part and on the second day of the weddings we offer many activities:

  • Playing volleyball, football, table tennis or other outdoor and indoor games;
  • Kayaking;
  • Relaxing in bathhouse, hot tube or outdoor summerhouse;
  • Refreshing in the pond or Sartai lake;
  • Fishing or just boating in Sartai lake.

Organize your weddings in the fresh air away from crows of people in the homestead by the Sartai lake.